Decorating textiles with the help of laser technology

As the first and only in Croatia and this part of Europe we are happy to offer you laser engraving on
finished textile goods, which is a new and special kind of textile decoration. The specialty of laser
engraving on textiles is the uniqueness and simplicity of design size and position that can be used to
print your logo or some ideas that you want to become visible in an elegant and first class way. The
engraving is made in tone with a base of polyester material and on cotton materials in combination
with a traditional stitch.

For laser engravings we can use the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Polyester
  • Cotton in combination with a stitch
  • Silicone

Of course, this list is not the ultimate choice of material.

But let’s get back to the benefits of this new technology. The laser gives us the ability to cut the
machine embroidered emblems to become even better and better. Laser cutting is used on
thermophiles and decorative papers in making, for example, numbers on jerseys, greeting cards,
templates, and other suitable items. We showed some of the abilities in our promotional footage and
on Facebook.

A video clip featuring laser engraving options

After watching the video, we will be glad if you contactëd us with any request or idea related to our new service.